Pastor Alexander and wife Lori
Pastor Robert Alexander

Trinity Lutheran Church installed and welcomed Pastor Robert Alexander in June of 2010. Pastor Alexander with his wife Lori and son Robbie, 13, moved to Colby from Clayton, Ill., where he served as pastor of the Good Shepard Lutheran Church for the last 8 1/2 years. In September 2010, Pastor celebrated 25 years in ministry, also serving in Blackwell Okla, Galva, Iowa and Palmer, NE.
Pastor Alexander was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Wilton, Iowa. After high school, he went to school to become a draftsman. While there, he drew military draft number 5 for the Vietnam War and spent the next four years in the Air Force as a security policeman. One of the blessings that came from being drafted into the war at that time was getting his college paid for through the G.I. Bill. His plans when he went to Concordia College in St Paul Minn., were to become a teacher, but God changed his direction from teaching to preaching.
After graduating in 1981 , Alexander went on to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, where he earned a Master of Divinity degree.
Alexander's preaching and the way he ministers has been greatly affected by all his life experiences, including the loss of his father at a young age. Helping others through the "valley of the shadow of death" has become one of his strengths.
Pastor Alexander's preferred model for church growth comes from Acts chapter 2, When there's good news, good friends, good neighbors, and the Good Shepard, the church will grow. When faith grows, there's bound to be an increase in numbers.
Alexander sees himself at Trinity Lutheran for many years and looks forward to growing together with the congregation in faith in Christ.